HoFi Combi Baker Blue (611)

HoFi Combi Baker Blue (611)

The Gentleman amongst the Combi Bakers...

HoFi Combi Baker Blue

Our product range includes baking ovens which may be operated as convection ovens, as well as combi steamers. It doesn't matter whether in supermarkets, filling stations, bakeries, butcher shops, or in ambitious top-level gastronomy. Our equipment leaves nothing to be desired.
Source of power Electric current
Steam generation Injection
Capacity 7 x GN 1/1
Optional 5 x 400/600
Meal capacity 50 - 150
Spacing 65 mm/80 mm
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 933 x 786 x 863
Weight 110 kg
Total connection 10,2 kW
Fuse 16 A
Voltage 3 N~/400 V/50 Hz
Water connection / drain G 3/4" / 50 mm
Temperature 30 - 300 °C

The Gentleman amongst the Combi Bakers...

HoFi Combi Baker BLUE This innovative combi baker series will satisfy users with the highest demands. The components' functional design, handling, and quality surpass all previous conceptions for the convenient preparation of tasty food. This also holds true for the revolutionary combination of elegance, functionality, and comfort. All operating functions, programming and controls are self-explanatory on the touchscreen.


HoFi Touch The excellent colour touchscreen will dazzle you not only with its graphics, logical sections and its protection against accidental use, as well as damage resistance and durability. But you will also not want to miss out on its advantages as far as easy use is concerned. The easy-care surface will always ensure an elegant appearance. A simple touch...


HoFi Easy Cooking The wooden spoon with three stars is the symbol for the easy, well-arranged, and intuitive operation of your HoFi Combi Baker. Easy Cooking also serves the quick selection of your preferred cooking programmes. Assign personalised programme names, save data in your own categories, and make your own settings. The programme archives spare you renewed programming and guarantee consistent excellent cooking results.


HoFi Agent So far unsurpassed is the extensive integrated help function which will accompany you throughout your day-to-day work. Pressing a key is enough to provide you with detailed information.

Further Appliance Features

  • HoFi AGENT navigation key
  • Automatic pre-heating / cooling
  • Auto-climate (steam saturation control)
  • Auto-start
  • Quick View (programme quick view)
  • ACTIVE CLEANING (automatic cleaning)
  • Steam flap
  • ACM (automatic capacity management)
  • Icon display for baking
  • SDS (service diagnosis system)
  • CCS (calcium control system)
  • Energy optimisation
  • Double-glazed door reduces heat losses
  • Turbo steam function
  • USB interface
  • LAN interface
  • Delta-T cooking
  • Low temperature cooking
  • Regenerating
  • Banquet system
  • Programming (up to 1,000 programmes with 20 steps)
  • Touchscreen, in colour
  • 4-point core temperature sensor
  • Optional: second core temperature sensor
  • 5 vent speeds
  • Vent, clocked
  • Individually adjustable time settings per insert
  • Learning function
  • Vent STOP when opened

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